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South Eastern Working Newfoundlands or S.E.W.N. for short, is  one of the oldest working groups in the country.

First formed in 1989, to promote the natural instincts and abilities of the Newfoundland dog through Carting, Swimming & Nose Work.

The group’s aim is the same now as it was then, we are still a group of friends who all have one thing in common, the love of our Newfoundland dogs.


We regularly meet on most Sundays to train at Fairlop Waters in Ilford throughout the year. Use the car park entrance closest to Fairlop Waters Boulder Park

We have members coming from areas around London – including Gatwick, Chelmsford and further afield from Essex. There is paid parking available at the car park but please note you will have to use a Ringo app or pay over the phone (the number to ring is displayed in the car park) as there is no machine to accept coins.


Our group meets up on most Sundays throughout the year and train our dogs in various activities the Newfoundland was originally bred to perform – such as water rescue work, carting/draught work, obedience & nose work.

All of our training is based on positive reinforcement and aim to keep the activities fun for both the dogs and their humans.

Our summers are dedicated to swimming & water rescue training & in the winter we concentrate on carting/draught work, obedience training and Nose work.

Water Rescue Training

In water rescue training, we teach our dogs a number of tasks to perform – from being sent from the shore to rescue a victim to bringing a boat back to the shore. This is the Newfoundland’s favourite activity!



Obedience Training

We have group exercises covering all levels of obedience training – both on and off leash depending on the dog’s level of training.

Nose Work Training

Newfoundlands also make for great scent detection dogs – we mainly train for air scent training. Here’s a video of Lily completing a Nose Work test organised by The Working Newfoundland Club. There is a bait placed on of the poles (at random) which the dog needs to find in the shortest amount of time. Similarly another exercise involves finding a hidden object.

Carting/Draught Work Training

Carting is one of the hallmark duties of a working Newfoundland (second only to swimming!) and at the highest levels can include the dog and its handler pulling the cart for over 3 miles.


SEWN, along with other working groups up and down the country, host working events for The Working Newfoundland Club throughout the year – a number of which include camping – see our upcoming events page

You can also view the upcoming events at The Working Newfoundland Club here.

The staple events of our annual calendar include Easter Weekend camping at Waxham Sands in Norfolk, the water rescue demonstration we put on at Blackwater Country Show in Maldon, Essex in June and the New Years day group walk in Belhus Woods Country Park in Essex.


Get Involved

Potential new members are always welcome to come along to one of our training meet ups. Those planning to get a Newfoundland are also welcome to come along and get to know our gentle giants and see them in action.

Please email us at  enquiries@sewn.org in the first instance then Mrs. Haylock will advise you of next steps. Also consider joining our Facebook group @ https://www.facebook.com/SEWNClub/



For prospective Newfoundland owners

The So you want a Newfoundland puppy – a guide to prospective owners published by the Newfoundland Club in the UK is an excellent starting point for potential owners.
You may also consider joining Newfoundland Dog Owners Forum Facebook group.

Useful links

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The Southern Newfoundland Club: http://southernnewfoundlandclub.co.uk

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Photos above were contributed by our group members: Elise (Laperture), Clive, Sashi (Sashikanth Dareddy Photography)

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For general enquiries, including membership enquiries please contact us at  enquiries@sewn.org