If you have a Newfoundland and like the idea of donning a wetsuit and working your dog in its instinctive activity, then do get in touch!  We welcome new members – all we ask is that you get involved and help with the training of our other dogs.  It isn’t absolutely necessary to go into the water, but we find that the dogs perform better if mum or dad joins them!  A wetsuit/drysuit and a life jacket are essential if you are going to be in the water, but we will try and lend them to you to start with. Some of our members also work their non-Newfoundland breeds but what they are able to do depends upon the size and physical ability of the dog.

If you are planning to get a Newfoundland and would like to meet our gentle giants, you will be made most welcome!  You may find it useful to look at the Newfoundland Club’s information on their website – have a look under the ‘Resources’ tab – and our members will be more than happy to answer any queries on looking after them you may have.

Please email us on enquiries@sewn.org and Pat or Chris will have a chat with you and let you know when we will be meeting next – also have a look at our Facebook page @ https://www.facebook.com/SEWNClub/